Premarital Counseling

In my work with couples preparing for marriage I use either the Prepare-Enrich assessment tool, or The Strongest Link: The Couple, for laying the groundwork for our time together.  Both curriculum are approved by the Twogether in Texas program which provides incentives to couples who do premarital counseling/education prior to marriage.  These curriculum will help couples see the benefits of marriage, as well as helping them in the areas of communication skills and conflict resolution.

Our work consists of eight sessions (50 mins/90mins) together and an online test (for Prepare-Enrich only). The sessions are as follows, with room for flexibility and customization as determined by the couple and therapist. This can be done in a group setting in a one day seminar (8 hour class) if your church or organization is interested in hosting the event.

Session 1: Is an introductory session where I get to know you, ask some questions (history taking), let you know what we will be doing.

Session 2: Is a session focused on the results (strength and growth areas) of the online test that you both will take between the first two sessions. (Prepare/Enrich only)

Session 3: Is a session focused on Personality Issues (i.e. assertiveness, self-confidence, avoidance, partner dominance).

Session 4: Is a session focused on Intra-Personal Issues (i.e. idealistic distortion, personality issues, spiritual beliefs, leisure activities, marriage expectations, marriage satisfaction).

Session 5: Is a session focused on Inter-Personal Issues (i.e. communication, conflict resolution, children and parenting, couple closeness, role relationship, sexual relationship).

Session 6: Is a session focused on External Issues (i.e. family of origin, family and friends, financial arrangement).

Session 7: Is a session focused on how to stay connected/stay sane as your approach the wedding date.

Session 8: Is a closing session, where we assess if you would like to meet again, as well as encouraging you in your steps forward.