One of my interests is the effect of technology upon our lives, and more specifically how it shapes our identity and relationships. It’s a topic that has interested me ever since I started blogging (2004), updating my status on Facebook (2004), and sending out Tweets (2007). For a long time I used technology in my daily life, but failed to see how technology was using me. It wasn’t until I sat in on my friend John Dyer’s session at ECHO, where he spoke on Using Technology Without It Using You. It was there that he helped me see what so many theorists have been saying…technology is not neutral. So whether technology is being used for good or bad, it still shapes our lives and has a transforming effect upon us.

Our use of technology shapes our identity and transforms our relationships, and my hope is that I can better educate those who go into using technology blindly without thinking about how it may change them. Some of the more recent conferences I have spoken at regarding the use of technology and relationships are, Cultivate Conference, ECHO Conference, Christian Web Conference, BlogWorld and New Media Expo(GodBlogCon tract), as well as speaking at a number of churches.

You can find out more of what I have to say on the topic of technology at my blog, but here are some of the more popular posts on the topic:

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Also, check out The New Media Frontier: Blogging, Vlogging and Podcasting for Christ where I wrote a chapter on New Media Ministry to the MySpace-Facebook Generation: Employing New Media Technologies Effectively in Youth Ministries

If you are interested in having me come out and do one of my presentations, or if you are interested in having John Dyer and I come out and do one of our presentations, please contact me via email at . We would love to share more with your group about the transforming effects that technology has on shaping your relationships.