Pastoring is a very difficult vocation, filled with many blessings, but also fraught with all kinds of problems. One of those problems is that many pastors feel that they are unable to find the same type of help they so often provide to their congregants. My desire is to come alongside of pastors and help them find help for the various issues they may be experiencing in their lives. I was raised in a pastor’s home, and have served in the vocational pastoring role since 1998. I believe that my personal experience in the family of a pastor, my experience in the role of a pastor, and my training as a pastor and therapist provide me with the unique opportunity to help.

There are a variety of issues that I most often work with pastors on, but here are some of the more typical.

Boundary Setting (at work/interpersonally)

Self- Care

Avoiding Burnout

Unique Challenges/Opportunities of Marriage in a Pastor’s Home

Unique Challenges/Opportunities of Parenting in a Pastor’s Home

Life as a PK (Pastor’s Kid)


Differentation of Self: The Move Away from Being a People Pleaser

Youth Pastors
As a youth pastor (3 yrs in High School/Jr. High and 11 yrs in College Ministry) I believe I have a great understanding of the challenges in this pastoring role. I love to work with youth pastors concerning the areas above, but of particular interest to me currently, is helping youth pastors set better boundaries in ministry/relationally, and to put specific boundaries in place that would help them do a better job of caring for themselves, therefore building a better foundation that will help them prevent burnout.

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Youth Pastor Counseling Groups
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