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My practice is dedicated to all those who find themselves wrestling through the various stages of life, and all that each new transition brings with it. Whether you are experiencing life on the mountaintop, or life in the valley, my hope is that our collaborative work would be life transforming.

I believe that you have landed on this site for a reason, so take a few minutes to browse around. You might want to begin by looking at my bio and some of the services I provide, and then ask yourself the question, Would Rhett be a good fit in helping me work through the issues I am bringing to therapy? If you feel that I can help you in therapy, then go ahead and contact our offices and we will get the process started. Take your time and browse around the site checking out some of the books that I and my clients have found helpful. Or check out some of the topics that I speak on, and feel free to contact me if you are interested in having me come out and speak to your church or organization.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the monthly newsletter on this blog, or check out my weekly writings at

Have a great day!